About Us

A Few Words

The MARVIC Story

 MARVIC GLOBAL FOUNDATION (MGF) is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that seeks to touch lives. The story behind this foundation is unique and touching. It all starting when a couple decides to have a private wedding and used the rest of the money to start a foundation and support humanity. It is said that, it is the dream of every young man and woman to have a great wedding when people will have fun and it will be the talk of the town. 


This is not the story of MARTIN and VICTORIA. Having a wedding in some part of Africa can cost you a lot money and sometimes leaves the couples in debts for years. When Martin meet Victoria they planned to have a great wedding and saved towards it. They have their traditional marriage ceremony and planned towards the white wedding as it is normally called in my country Ghana.

On our way to Abrui for the final arrangements for our wedding, we noticed something that really change our lives. It is so sad to see teenage girls out of school because of sanitary pad. Our visit to the some few selected rural schools break our heart. These true events touched our heart so deeply that we have to cancel our public wedding from 500 guests to a private wedding of 5 wittiness. Today we are proud to say that, lives have been touched through this foundation

Our Mission!

To provide a holistic transformation of young people and disadvantaged communities by offering training, empowerment and exposure to life-changing innovations.

Our Values
Our Vision
Building a healthy Communities through Education, Health, Capacity Building and Missionary Support to empowered and improve the individual livelihood through appropriate and affordable alternatives.